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Providing expert advice, sophisticated clinical skin treatments, medical grade laser hair removal and ongoing skin maintenance regimes that focus on skin health from the inner and outer.

We believe the best skin comes from treating the inside and the outside. Our skin is the outermost reflection of our health and we encourage taking a preventative approach. When we’re healthy on the inside, our skin radiates a natural glow on the outside.

At Skin Angel, we create unique individual treatment plans to address your skin concerns. Prescribing state of the art technologies with science-based cosmeceutical skin care formulations, herbal concoctions, and potent inner beauty powders and elixirs we treat a myriad of skin conditions and concerns.

With our commitment to provide professional advice and realistic expectations we combine research, experience, and knowledge to ensure the best possible results.

Located on High Street in Armadale, Skin Angel is dedicated to providing exceptional service with a meticulous attention to detail. As your trusted skin expert in Melbourne, we are genuinely passionate about all aspects of skin health.


(03) 9500 2040


1206 High St, Armadale VIC 3143