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Nimbus Co is an infrared sauna studio and contemporary wellness space where you can let go, disconnect from the outside world, and take time out to nourish your body and mind. They offer private infrared sauna sessions along with a range of retail to cater to your health and wellness needs. They have studios located in Bondi, Byron Bay, and Melbourne.

The studio’s deeply therapeutic infrared saunas were developed in1970s Japan and have been continuously refined since. As full spectrum infrared saunas, they provide tranquil spaces that offer support for a range of chronic conditions as well as mild health concerns including, detoxification, immunity, skin health and more.

A traditional sauna uses convection and conduction to heat the surface of your skin. Infrared saunas, however, use infrared heating panels that emit light helping your body to detoxify, giving users a deeper cleansing experience. 

These deeply therapeutic infrared saunas were developed in the 70’s in Japan and have been continuously refined since. Here at Nimbus Co, we offer state-of-the-art full spectrum cedar wood infrared saunas from Clearlight’s Sanctuary range, providing tranquil spaces to frequent in support of chronic conditions to mild health concerns, detoxification, immunity & skin health.   

Nimbus Co Bondi

Address: 97 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW 2026

Phone: 0432 395 765


Nimbus Co Byron Bay

Address 4/17 Tasman Way, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Phone: 0474 330 085


Nimbus Co Melbourne

Address: 261 Lennox St, Richmond VIC 3121

Phone: 0459 945 056