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LifeHub – Cleanse and Recharge

LifeHub is a Medical Wellness Centre based in the heart of Hong Kong. The founding team of Lifehub is a seasoned group of healthcare professionals with many decades of experience across the USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

It is a subsidiary of LifeHealth Ltd, a leader in Integrative and Anti-aging medicine for over 10 years in Hong Kong. They have combined our experiences to try to create a better way to experience healthcare, a way where the consumer is empowered to take charge of their own health at convenient wellness centers that provide the necessary knowledge, tools and support.

The center combines conventional medicine, innovative medicine, and alternative medicine to work in an Integrative manner. They have brought together leaders in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and Natural Medicine to integrate their knowledge to create products and services that try to understand the underlying causes of the problems people may be facing.

LifeHub’s CEO, Candice, has been working in the wellness space for over 10 years in Hong Kong and the USA. Candice has a Bachelor of nutrition science from the University of California Davis and a Certification in Doctor of Natural medicine from the CANADIAN BOARD OF HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS & INTERNATIONAL NATUROPATHIC COLLEGE. Candice is also a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and bioresonance therapist.

Candice previously founded YouniBody a chain of 7 functional medicine-based wellness centers across Hong Kong, and was a founder of Genexus, a leading consumer healthcare company in the USA.


+852 3622 3452 (WhatsApp: +852 6450 0607)