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Clint Ober: Pioneer of the Grounding movement

A thirty-year veteran of the cable television industry, Clint Ober pioneered the cable modem and satellite distribution of digital services via cable to personal computers. Then in 1998, he began investigating the effects of electrically grounding the human body to the earth. He has promoted and supported 20 research studies that collectively demonstrate how maintaining the body at earth’s electrical potential reduces inflammation and promotes normal functioning of the body’s electrical systems.

Clint is currently President of Earth FX Inc. in Thousand Palms, CA.

We talk with Clint about his journey to discovering grounding:

  • Growing up in rural Montana in the ’40s
  • Entering the cable television industry and his career
  • A near-death experience with a life-changing outlook
  • The discovery of grounding and pain-free sleep
  • Researching the effects of grounding and the incredible results
  • Everything is electrical
  • Pain is a byproduct of inflammation

Growing Up In Rural Montana In The ’40s

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to be here today. I’m very excited and honored to have you here. It would be great to begin with how this journey evolved towards this discovery of Earthing? As I understand you have been intimately aware of the importance of grounding from many, many years ago as a veteran of the cable industry. 

When I was young, I grew up in Montana, which is kind of a rural cowboy country, and cattle ranching and oil was the big business up there. My friends growing up were Native Americans and one of the earliest things I can recall is that my close friends and I were always barefoot. We never wore shoes. The only time we would wear shoes was to go to weddings or some special event, and half the time at school we didn’t wear shoes.

Rural Montana

“My friend’s mom looked at us as we were coming home from school when we had shoes on, she told us to: “Take those shoes off. They’ll make you sick.” I had no idea what it meant or why anybody would even say that.”

There was an event where one of the young fella’s sister had scarlet fever. This is not something you hear about today, but there was not a lot they could do for her at the time, and they’d taken her to the doctors. I came over one late afternoon and they had dug a pit, put a little bit of straw in it, and then they lit a fire next to her. One of the elders just sat there with her for days while she laid in that pit. I thought it was pretty bizarre at the time. I didn’t know anything about it, didn’t understand any of it. But two days to a week went by. I don’t know what exact amount of time went by,  but all of a sudden she shows up running around like nothing ever happened.

Entering The Cable Television Industry

What happened after you left Montana and entered the cable television industry? 

It was barely an industry then, we lived in an area where you didn’t get a lot of TV. So we put antennas on top of the mountain and ran a wire down so that we could get TV in the valley. That’s how cable started and I spent 30 years in that industry. But the main thing is when you run a wire into a house, whether it’s telephone, power, cable, anything, it has to be grounded before it enters the house. And the reason for that is, in the case that lightning hits the telephone line or the cable, it has to be grounded before it goes into the house, otherwise, it can cause a fire.

If the system isn’t properly grounded, the static electricity that’s created from the wind, the dust in the wind, and just the vibrations and all the environmental noise would cause a lot of noise and static in the lines. So in order to reduce all of that, you had to ground it properly. See everything is electrical. Noise. The whole world is electrical, everything.

“Energy, anything that’s energetic energy. It’s electrical in nature. The body is electrical in nature because it takes the movement of an electron for anything to happen in the body. So that means that basically, fundamentally, we are electrical beings.”

A Near-death Experience With A Life-changing Outlook

Let’s talk about the major turning point that happened which ultimately led you to this important discovery of Earthing. 

I spent about 30 years in that industry. And when I was around 49 or so, I had a major health event where I developed an abscess on my liver from a dental infection. It took them a few weeks to figure it all out, and in the process, I had destroyed half of my liver. 

And then a young surgeon got ahold of me and said, they want to move with some experimental surgery and cut out all of the liver that was damaged which was a large portion of the liver. Because there are six little pockets inside of the liver, they took out five of those. And all that was left was one little one.

But they didn’t know for sure how long I could survive that. At that time, this was back in ’94, so 25 years ago.

“When you come close to losing your life, we learn that we are mortal beings. And we’re only here for a period of time. And when you come close to dealing with that, then you quickly think very differently. You look at the world very differently.”

You don’t necessarily look at what you accomplished. But you look at what you didn’t accomplish. Or you look at the things that should have been more meaningful in your life.

From what I understand after that event you actually never ended up returning back to work, and at that time you ran one of the largest network companies in the US with over 500 employees. 

We had over 500 employees, and we were a large contracting firm. What we did was build out cable television by doing the installations and the drops and making them functional. And we also worked with television, low power television, microwaves, all kinds of things. I had a nice business.

I was 49 years old and playing king of the mountain like many out there on the planet. Where, by the time we’re 50, we want to be king of the mountain. It’s a game we all play. Most people hit the wall about that time.

And these people have destroyed their health by not taking care of their wellbeing, managing stress, and all of the things that go with life.

The main thing that concerned me about dying was that I had made all my life about accumulating things, cars, houses, art, you name it. But when you know that you’re not gonna be here. You kind of have a second take on that and say, wait a minute. I made my life about collecting all these things because they fed my ego or whatever. But I can’t take anything with me.

And so immediately after I recovered, I kind of went through this process. I didn’t wanna own anything. And just I gave away the business. I gave away absolutely everything I owned except for a handful of money and all the belongings I could put in two and a half suitcases.

“I want to be happy when I die, knowing that I was a contributor. A sudden peace. So it’s a very personal thing. It’s not something that you care about leaving a legacy that’s irrelevant. That’s insanity. It’s about taking care of your family, your people, your city or country, the globe, everybody, we’re all in this together. I wanted to do something better. Where I could be proud of myself.”

The Discovery Of Grounding And Pain-free Sleep

So tell me more about this moment that made you wonder whether or not humans were grounded and if there were any health consequences from being less connected and insulated from the ground. 

After that, I went on a road trip for four years. I left everything behind. I spent most of that time either visiting my children or in nature, and I ended up in a town called Sedona, Arizona.

One day, I was working on a computer trying to order some things I needed, and the computer kept crashing. If you had any static on your body and touched these old computers, they would crash, and you’d have to shut them and reboot. And so, I realized that the computer wasn’t grounded, and I wasn’t grounded. So I put a piece of copper tape across the desk and connected it with a wire to an electrical ground. I would touch the copper before I touched my computer, and then everything worked perfectly. Right after that, I walked outdoors and sat on a bench where a tour bus pulled up. There was a group of tourists and I noticed they all had these white Nike tennis shoes on. And I just intuitively asked myself, “I wonder if there’s any consequence to humans? Us no longer being naturally grounded.”

So that night I went home and did something similar to what I had done at my desk, I got some aluminium duct tape and I taped it across my bed. First of all, I did a lot of measuring and noticed that there’s a lot of electrical noise. And I wasn’t grounded when I was in my bed or in my house anywhere.

I placed the tape in my bed and put a wire out the window connected to a ground rod. Then I laid down in my bed and tested it with the meter to make sure I was grounded. The next thing I knew it was morning and the meter had fallen down by my side. The significance of that was I rarely ever went to sleep without taking pain pills, like Advil or something. Because I was 50 years old, I was a cowboy, I had spent half my life skiing, breaking ankles from tennis. I’m crazy. I was an out-there person with athletics and stuff. So I realized there’s something going on here. So I started to do some research on it, I thought it was just that it improved my sleep. 

And this is when your friends asked if it could help with Arthritis as well? As some of your friends who were grounding themselves also noticed an improvement in their sleep and pain? 

I grounded a couple of my friends in the next few days. I said, here you’ve got to try this, just bear with me – you have to do this. So I grounded them. And then a few days later, a friend who had arthritis came over. He asked, “Do you think this can help with arthritis?” And I said, “No, I don’t think so. I think it’s just gonna help you sleep better.” But I realized that all my pain had started to dissipate, and I had lots of pain from my liver surgery, back surgery, and knee surgery.

Researching The Effects Of Grounding And The Incredible Results

And that’s when you started working with different universities and had to conduct your own research studies right? Because practically at that time there was nothing of the sort that was available. How did people react to you suggesting those studies at the time? 

I went up to UCLA in California and I thought surely they all understand and know what I’m talking about. I went there and started out in the sleep lab, they looked at me and said, “You expect us to believe that you can put a nail in the ground, and tie a wire around somebody’s toe. Connect them to the ground rod? And they’re going to sleep better?” They told me to get out of there, that I was nuts!

They didn’t want to do a study because it was too simple. But they did tell me to collect more data and to give them more information. So I designed a study of 60 people. We divided them into groups, grounded one group, didn’t ground the other group. They all looked like they were grounded, but they were placebo pads. We put it underneath the sheet and told them to sleep on it.

The average home would have two or three volts of EMF charges on the body, just from sitting in your normal home, and then when you are grounded it goes to zero. But six weeks went by, and the nurses went out and collected all the data from these 60 subjects. I realized that what was reducing the pain and causing people to sleep better was the fact that they were connected and grounded to the earth. Because when you ground the body, you’re automatically protected from EMF – that was normal. But what was reducing the pain? What was helping them to sleep better was being grounded to the earth. Now the significance of that is the earth is negative ~20 million volts.

“I realized that we’re not just draining lightning and static electricity off the body. What we’re doing is being the body’s conductor, so that it’s equalizing with the earth. It’s becoming negatively charged like the earth.”

Everything Is Electrical

So the significance found from this study, is that we ground everything electrical. And the human body is the most electrical thing in the environment. Nothing is more electrical than the body. No computer, nothing, because our bodies, all of our cells, all of our muscles, our brains, everything is electrical – it’s made up of electrons. And so the only reason you ground anything electrical is to prevent an electrical event, meaning fire, charge, static, and noise. That’s when the lightbulb started to go off.

Humans were naturally grounded throughout all time. And it’s only been the last hundred years or less that we invented plastics, and we put them on the soles of our shoes. Before that, we were either barefoot or we would wear a leather or cloth slipper of some kind. The plastic soles were invented because body perspiration would hydrate the fabric or material of the shoe. But when you put rubber on them, then you’re insulated. Like a wire, like a cord, you’re insulated, and there’s no electric flow. So that’s how it all came about, there was a lot of information, but it was good information, and everybody wanted to do more research.

Pain Is A Byproduct Of Inflammation

Tell us a bit more about the importance of when you started conducting research & studies with Dr Stephen Sinatra? 

Stephen Sinatra was a cardiologist, and he came out and we showed him what we were doing, and he said, “Clint, you need to be studying inflammation because you cannot have pain unless you have inflammation first.” Pain is a byproduct of inflammation, and pain is your body’s way of saying, hey, I’m on fire, I’m in trouble, you need to stop doing what you’re doing and end this inflammation. At that time, I thought inflammation was caused by injury, like when you sprain your ankle, and it would turn red. He explained this response was an inflammatory cascade, but it was not inflammation. Inflammation means just like it says, inflamed, the body is on fire. So I started doing quite a lot of research after he left, to find out what this word inflammation really meant.

There really wasn’t much literature on inflammation back in the 2000s, and it was only in 2004 that research from Boston Massachusetts came out and said:

“You don’t have Lupus, MS, Cancer, you don’t have all these health disorders, what you have is chronic inflammation. Your immune system is compromised because of the inflammation, and then it will manifest as cancer or cardiovascular disease or Lupus based on your genetics and lifestyle. But the underlying cause of all these health disorders is inflammation physically.” 

So what we learned from Stephen is that we have to start looking at inflammation. 

Part Two on Inflammation & Grounding coming soon.