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Troy is a Hong Kong Registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine who has extensive clinical experience in Reproductive Medicine, Gynecology and Andrology. A graduate of Australia’s  Chinese Medicine Degree (acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, neuromuscular massage) Program, he has also completed a Masters in neuro-physiology investigating the analgesic mechanisms of acupuncture (1995)

​Troy’s publications include ‘The Analgesic Mechanisms of Acupuncture’, Journal of Chinese Medicine, 1996; and co-author of ‘Health Beauty & Vitality: A woman’s Guide to Chinese medicine’ 2004. He has held the post of course co-ordinator and lecturer at the University of Hong Kong’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Department (S.P.A.C.E.) (1997-2001). President of the Hong Kong Medical Acupuncture Association (2002-2005). Further post-graduate studies include Gynecology, Reproductive medicine, Andrology, and Sports Science. 

​​Over the last decade the most influential courses completed: SiYuan Balance Method Acupuncture level 1 (Dr Eileen Han PhD), Pulsynergy Herbology Level 1-IV (Dr Jimmy Chang), NeiJing  Acupuncture (Dr Ed Neal MD) and HunYuan Chinese Herbal Medicine (Dr Yaron Seidman PhD).


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